dance improvisation











Free movements out of your own vocabulary can manifest. Through specific warm up's this reportoire expands. We work with techniques from Modern Dance, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Theater, Ecstatic Dance. With associative impulses movement is becoming. The play with heavy and light, distance and close by or similar dualities brings us to various meetings with other dancers.

The music selection triggers different situations. There is no dance experience necesary to join in. The natural joy through movement leads us towards new unexpected experiences.









    contact improvisation






This dance gives you the freedom to discover yourself deep inside. The contact with the ground and the breath brings you all time back into the moment. A steady rolling contact with the floor, a dance partner or other objects gives constant new impulses and support.
The mind can relax and needs only to observe.

To roll, turn, jump, lift, lean, carry, give up or take over weight are basic forms we discover in a very natural way. 

















Dance theater gives space to get access to our inner stories. The warm up opens the channel for direct expressions.

Our whole beeing is involved with movements, sounds, mimik, music making, painting and what ever suits us in that moment. Also the play with objects, costüms, masks gives a wide wrange of possibilities. Through reduction in the form we come close to our true inner feelings.

We work with focus and playfulness. The connection to yourself and others is central. The themes we work with come from the participants. 






 ecstatic dance
















We work in the dance with our main energie centerpoints. Through specific stimulation, discharging and opening energie channels get free. The harmonious flow through all chakras enables to breath up and down the body. We find forms, movements, postures which correspond with our own nature. This key experiences opens our inner world.

We clear the way for the divine spark to glow. Ecstasy spreads out and gives us the feeling of being whole. In silence we can integrate our experience. It is an ancient technique which is even in our modern partyscene often unconsciously been used.











barefoot dance







Inspiration through diversivied music.

From dancing poetry till sweat floating ectasy. 
In cyclic waves we climb after deep diving the top. Let`s open all the drawers and have a feast on it. 

In the beginning the dance space will be opened ritual.




          shiva dance









The tenderness of the water breaks the hardest rock. 

The tenderness of your movements, being sensual, conscious, opens the armor of ignoranz. By being carried from the here and now this meditation can bring stillness and depth. The body stays supple and supports for a transcendental experience. 








 men's dance




We play with the power of the maleness. Free of competition and search for partners. There will be given opportunities to define the maleness for yourself and in connection with other men new. Power, elegance, endurance can be in the focus alike feelings, wishes, dreams.

How does a modern hero looks like? A fascinating challenge, which can give us access to new powers.






The deepest of all longings is to be one in yourself and with everything around. We experience this as grace. To recognize the oneness of all life happens like the awakening in the morning - spontan, like a remembering.

Deeksha means literaly "putting a seed". In a relaxed atmosphere divine intelligence is transfered through hands.
All your needs and wishes from any kind can be mentioned to invite a supportive solution. After relaxation and meditation we let us touch from the cosmic power.