What is that?

Lomi Lomi Nui is part of the secret knowledge (huna) at Hawaii. The Kahunas (sage) are keeping it alive and pass it on. In the huna-philosophy of the polinesian culture the harmony of body, soul and spirit is essential. Out of their own experience health and happiness comes from a state of being in harmony. In the Lomi Lomi Nui massage the tensed body is getting release, the psyche can get loose from tensions and fears. Inner healing powers get stimulated and the energie in the body flows better. 

Lomi Lomi Nui calms down the mind to come back in contact with yourself. The natural feeling of trust, love and peace comes back.

The massage was often done to prepare people before they step into a new phase of their life as a change from the youth to an adult or a new position in society. Lomi Lomi Nui helps to leave old structures behind and face the new situation relaxed and energized.



Lomi Lomi Nui works with the elements of massage, dance and energie work. Long flowing massage strokes with hands and forarms alternate with soft joint loosening and strong handles. By using the soft side of the forearm the massage is touching you in large areas at the same time. Together with the warm body oil and the Hawaiian sounds it might give you a feeling of a loving embracement. The move of the frigate bird gives the example for the dance of the masseur around the table to spread out the arms like wings upon the body.

In an introductory prayer song the Aloha-Spirit and all universal benevolent powers are invited to be present and support the massage.

The massage begins on the 
back, which represents the past
and continues on the 
front, which represents the future
and ends in a quiet period.

As desired the massage can be done on a naked body or in underwear. In any case a sheet will preserve your private parts.



Especially recommended to 
     - weddings
     - changes in profession
     - changes ín partnership
     - entrance in new stages of life
     - initiations


60 minutes   -   Euro 45
90 minutes   -   Euro 60 
other wishes on request

In a massage practice in your surrounding or in your own home. .