Time Rhythms


study on how the experience of time changes through the influences of technic. The impact on emotions will be seen
The Dream Gate





excerpt from the show at the Academy Reuschberg 2003.

The caterpillar Gram is authorized to spin dreams. She spins the whole universe full of nightmares. Love comes back to be seen and sets the living beings free.

phantastic clowns theater






Before the stall gets rebuilt as a theater 2003, it was a wonderful playground for a sound performance. 

players: Chris Rastert, Joachim Keller, Andi Funke, Andi Mahler, Christof Haas, film: Silvia Kern

amazing composition of pictures and sound



duo-performance at the Academy Reuschberg with Petra Ganesha Lindner

dancing, celebrating, sharing of the elements

Strandgut show from ensemble "Bühnentaucher" at the Erthaltheater in Aschaffenburg 2005

these attributes you can explore: losing - finding, using - needing, manipulating - caring, cooperating - harmonising

School Performance performance for the schools out  at the secundary school in Obernburg 2005

after a few meetings the students put up a performance mainly choreographed by themselves.

coordination and leading: Christof Haas



dance performance with live video projections.
It discribes the process of becoming, destroying-death, release.

Dragon moon


dancing and singing fire dragon 'Flambino' in the show: "Dragon Moon" at the Academy Reuschberg

every moment is a perfect moment
solo performance as dance and monologue.
Improvisation with music from a random system.