"What I have learned in this week is that through dance we make real contact,
it is heartfelt and brings us close to our strenght, our fears, our passions. 
In the progress of this week I felt more and more in contact with my self. 
Dance is a way to communicate on a very deep level. Unexpectedly, (improvisation) 
emotions pop-up and when you face them and express them it brings relief. 
I realized there is not really a need to speak. We were given the opportunity 
to accompany the dance by playing on simple instruments. Which was great and so 
much fun! It really was one week full of self-expression, with also painting and 
writing on a voluntary base after the dance. It all was beautiful and true magic."

"I had a lovely week, with all that movement and the nice people around, AND the
perfect location. For me at least, as I love camping and sleeping in my tent.
I enjoyed the input you brought in with the dancing, the "bodydancing" as I would
call it, specially seeing that "flow of movement" and later it experiencing with you.
It all brought much moreĀ liveliness in my body and that feels very good.

The performance at the end was super! So nice to see it back on the video from a
different angle and how great and easy we all were in our movements, playing together,
and creativity. And that as a result of one whole week!!! Super!"
C. A. H.

"The creative flow weekend connected me again with my inner fire. It opened new doorways for me to express myself. Now when i feel frustrated,restless, sad, confused or full of energy i take some paint and and start painting. Or i put on some music and start dancing this is such a joyful way for me to release emotions and get back in clarity and connection with myself. Before this week i just didn't know what to do with myself when i felt a strong emotion inside me.

Christof created a safe, playful and inspiring environment for me to explore what energy inside me wants to express. I learned how to give it space and listen to it so it finds its way to come out and create some life. I really appreciated the space he created to be fully honest and transparent with the group. All emotions i felt triggered by others or the circumstances where expressed and i could fully be myself in the group, which gave me a deeper connection to life.

Later in the week we did some performances, this helped me to fully trust that everything is ok and that i can be fully me. It gave me more self confidence and i could let go of some fears and feel now more stronger base in my identity."

Lieke van Leent