Christof Liborius Haas was born in Germany, Amberg, 1970. 
He studied Dance Improvisation, Dance Theater, Body Symbolik in Essen by Detlef Kappert. 

Since 2002 Christof has been a performer in the group 'Irrwische' for Experimental Animations- and Clowns Theater. In many performances and shows he experienced dance as a way to the discovery of the innerself. He has conducted courses and workshops for both children and adults. In the stage production, 'Strandgut', he choreographed and guided the dance theater ensemble 'Bühnentaucher'.

Christof studied to become a Yoga teacher in India and did his training in 'Kundalini Dance' in Australia.

A passionate dancer who brings his international learn- and work-experience into action, Christof loves to be a witness to the improvement of personal and individual ways of expression.



1986 - 1990

German  mail, Postoberschaffner

1990 - 1994 " Staatliche Fachlehrerausbildungsstätte", Bayreuth, Germany
1st state examination 

1994 - 1996

Secondary school,  Niedernberg, Germany
teacher for  handicrafts, techn. drawing, officework
2nd state examination

2002 - 2010

Academy Reuschberg, Germany,  Animations- and Clowns Theater, dance  in solo- and groupwork, show productions and animations

2003 - 2004

Through Detlef Kappert, psychologist and  dancer, Essen, Germany,
certificated as teacher for Dance Theater, Dance Improvisation and Body Symbolik.

2002 - 2008

5-Rhythm Dance from  G. Roth by Andrea Juhan in Stuttgart, Susannah Darling-Khan in Antwerpen; Gabrielle Roth in Antwerpen


Zegg, Berlin, Trancedance

2004 - 2006


Lex van Someren
'Dance and Sound of the Soul'

2005 - 2006

International Samvit Sagar Yogaschool, Adi Anamalei, India,
Yoga teacher


Leyola Antara Decker, Australia, Kundalini Dance


Margareta Kappl, München, Lomi Lomi Nui - Hawaiian Massage


1996 - 2005

Secondary School in Obernburg, Teacher for handicrafts, technical drawing, office skills


Dance Theater Ensemble "Bühnentaucher": directed and produced the Stage Production: "Strandgut" with 4 dancers in the "Erthaltheater", Aschaffenburg


VHS Aschaffenburg, Germany,  facilitated 12 courses in Dance Improvisation


Cairns, Australia, facilitated 8 courses in Kundalini Dance


Thailand, facilitated 4 courses in Free Flow Movement

2008 Ecolonie, Hennezel, France, facilitated 4 courses in Free Flow Movement
2008 - 2010 Academy Reuschberg, Schöllkrippen, Germany,
facilitated 3 weekend workshops in Free Flow Movement
2008 Center of Light, Rishikesh, India, facilitated a course in Free Flow Movement
2009 Magic Parc, Arambol, India, facilitated 4 courses in Free Flow Movement
VHS Hanau, Germany, facilitated a course in Free Flow Movement
Vlierhof, Kleve-Keeken, Germany, facilitated 30 courses in Free Flow Movement and 12 courses in Meditation
Vlierhof, Kleve-Keeken, Germany, facilitated 25 individual bodywork-sessions
Coordinator of Seminarhouse and Activities (Personal Growth and Development, Self-Awareness)


Ark van Oost, Nijmegen, facilitated 5 courses in Contact Improvisation


1999 - 2001

Musical company in Aschaffenburg, choreographer Sabine Steeger; dancer in the show "Best of Hair - Tommy - Grease - Les Miserables"


Academy Reuschberg, solo-performances: "Rhythms of Times"


Academy Reuschberg, SHOW: in ''The Dreamgate'' as Caterpillar "Gram" with dance and voice


Academy Reuschberg, Irrwisch; street animation with walking acts in Kleinwallstadt

Sound-performance in an old building with "Irrwisch"

Solo-performance: "Vogelscheuche geht auf Reise" (Scarecrow Goes Travelling)

Duo-performance: "Giving Moonlight" with Silvia Kern


Duo-performance: "Spiritual Search" with Sabine Zenker

Solo-performance: "Krümel"

Duo-performance:"4elements" with Petra Ganesha Lindner


Solo-performance: "Transformation" - dance and voice with live-projections and recordings 

Academy Reuschberg, Stage Production:  "Dragon Moon" as Fire Dragon and Kapistel with dance and voice

Facilitating the students of the secondary school in Obernburg "Dancing Boys and Girls" to a dance performance 


Solo-performance: "Every Moment is a Perfect Moment"


Duo-performance: "Raupe und Krähe" with Birgit Wolten

Live-painting with Dance Improvisation "Dance of the Colours" with Daniela Funke

2008 Solo-performance: "Moved Heart"
Academy  Reuschberg, Irrwisch;  animation with walking acts as "Moved Heart"
Ecolonie, France; Dance Theater performance for children with Andreas, flute player: "Eating or Feeding Myself"

Produktion with community members for the 7th Anniversary of the 'Vlierhof' with life music.
2010 Street Animation  in Nijmegen, Netherlands, "Moved Heart" with Jochem Verhoeven, drums and didge